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Aaranyak’s main Divisions are focused on protecting biodiversity in different arenas of the North Eastern region of India through scientific research, legal action, policy advocacy and reform, negotiations with government agencies both at the central, state and local levels and industry. We are also deeply involved in the creative, strategic media and outreach programmes throughout the region with active participation of communities.


Avifauna Research and Conservation Division : Ornithologists of Aaranyak have been involved in conservation and research of avifauna since 1990.


Conservation and Livelihood Division 

Community-based conservation relates to protect larger areas of land by encouraging local stewardship and integrating social and environmental priorities.

Elephant Research and Conservation Division 

The Asian Elephant, Elephas maximus, has been facing severe threats in North East India, specially in Assam with its habitat being encroached and increasing poaching of tusker for ivory and flesh.

Environmental Education and Capacity Building Division

Well trained educators of the society have been involved in conservation education for different target groups regarding preservation and restoration of ecological balance.

Gangetic Dolphin Research and Conservation Division

This division attempts to save the endangered species through quality research, conservation and environment education.

Geo-spatial Technology and Application Division 

The programme has been managing and integrating spatial and non-spatial data that are related with mainly biodiversity characteristics of North East India.

Herpetofauna Research and Conservation Division  

The northeast Indian hills and the Eastern Himalayas are considered to have tremendous diversity                                 of herpetofauna.                        

Legal and Advocacy Division

This is yet another step that addresses the illegal wildlife crime and policy reforms to enhance wildlife conservation and protection in north eastern region of India.

Media Production & Communications Division

This division undetakes multimedia tool based documentation, production and publication on pertinent issues of biodivertisy and the environment.

Primate Research and Conservation Division

This division is focussed on detailed research and conservation efforts of different species of primates found in North East India.

Rhino Research and Conservation Division

The rhino has always been in the focus of wildlife conservation efforts in Assam and Rhino Research and Conservation Initiative (RRCI) was launched in 1994 to address the conservation challenges the greater one horned rhino is facing.

Tiger Research and Conservation Division

Initiated in the year 2005 the Tiger Research and Conservation Initiative (TRCI) is one of the flagship Initiatives of Aaranyak actively engaged in applied research and conservation of tiger, prey animals and their habitat. 

Water Climate and Hazard (WATCH) Division

The WATCH programme has been conceived to carry out intensive scientific study of the key issues related to water and climate of the region including the human and societal dimensions of these issues.

 Wildlife Genetics Division

Launched in January 2008 the Wildlife Genetics Programme (WGP) is an attempt to find newer ways to wildlife research and conservation in order to yield more reliable answers to the pressing ecological questions.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster conservation of biodiversity in Northeast India through research, environmental education, capacity building and advocacy for legal and policy reform to usher a new era of ecological security.

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