Our mission is to foster conservation of biodiversity in Northeast India through research, environmental education, capacity building and advocacy for legal and policy reform to usher a new era of ecological security.
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Aaranyaks’s seven main programmess are foccussed on protecting biodiversity in different arenas of the North Eastern region of India through scientific research, legal action, policy advocacy and reform, negotiations with government agencies both at the central, state and local levels and industry. We are also deeply involved in the creative, strategic media and outreach programmes throughout the region with active participation of communities and children.


Environmental Education and Capacity Building Programme (EECBP)

Well trained educators of the society have been involved in conservation education for...

Community Based Conservation Programme (CBCP)

Aaranyak, with a view to secure community support in the conservation of biodiversity...

Water Climate and Hazard Programme

The Northeast India, presents a distinctive geophysical unit set in the pristine Eastern Himalayan Region with a unique...

Wildlife Genetics Programme

Aaranyak has felt the need of expanding its conservation efforts to a new horizon by using high-throughput DNA technologies in...

North East Threatened Species Conservation Programme (NETSCOPE)

Aaranyak introduces a new opportunity for conservation of the threatened species...

Legal and Advocacy Programme (LAP)

The success of any anti-poaching efforts will ultimately depend on the rate of conviction. Due to lack of orientation and poor...

Geo-spatial Technology Application Programme (GTAP)

Considering all the importance of Remote Sensing and GIS in the field of biodiversity...

Wildlife Health and Research Programme (WHRP)

The Wildlife Health and Research Initiative is a newly designed dedicated initiative of...