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Staff List 

(First April 2017 to 31st March 2018)

Admin and Accounts Division

  • Dr. Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, SG & CEO  & Head, (RRCD & LAD)
  • Mrs. Bobby Nath, Administrative Officer
  • Mr. Ranjan Jyoti Khound, Manager (Finance)
  • Mr. Bhaskar Sarkar, Manager ( Accounts)
  • Md. Zakir Islam Bora, Manager to the Office of SG & CEO.
  • Ms. Binita Subba, Accounts Assistant
  • Mr. Gauri Sankar Borah, Accounts Assistant
  • Manash Protim Buragohain, Conservation Officer
  • Ms. Bijoyinee Sarma, Office Executive
  • Mr. Nripen Kumar Nath, Assistant Office Executive
  • Mr. Gouranga Mandal, Office Assistant.
  • Mr. Rajesh Das, Office Supporting Assistant
  • Mr. Krishnamoni Das, Office Supporting Assistant
  • Mr. Moni Kumar Haloi, Field Assistant cum Watchman.
  • Mr. Arun Basfor, Office Cleaner


Avifauna Research and Conservation Division (ARCD)

  • Ms. Purnima Devi Barman, Project Manager, GAS
  • Mr. Bibekananda Kakoty, Project Assistant


Conservation and Livelihood Division (CLD)

  • Mr. Shyamal Datta, Project Manager.
  • Mr. Bipul Das, Assistant Project Manager.
  • Mr. Kumar Brahma, Field Assistant.
  • Mr. Bijoy Kalita, Driver
  • Mr. Jack Karjee, Field Assistant
  • Mr. Swapan Kumar Das, Cluster Development Executive


Elephant Research and Conservation Division (ERCD)

  • Dr. Bibhuti Prasad Lahkar, Head ERCD & Landscape Administrator, Manas Landscape
  • Dr. Jyoti Prasad Das, Manager
  • Ms. Alolika Sinha, Research Scholar.
  • Mr. Abhijit Boruah, Research Scholar.
  • Mr. Monjit Konwar, Project Assistant.
  • Mr. Sandhi Mitra, Consultant Biologist
  • Mr. Niranjan Bhuyan, Community Coordinator
  • Mr. Avijan Saha, Field Coordinator
  • Mr. Rubul Tanti, Junior Research Scholar, ERCD
  • Mr. Porash Moni Hazarika, Field Assistant
  • Mr. Hiren Dutta, Field Assistant
  • Mr. Pradeep Burman, Driver

Environment Education and Capacity Building Division (EECBD)

  • Mr. Jayanta Kumar Pathak, Manager.


Gangetic Dolphin Research and Conservation Division (GDRCD)

  • Dr. Abdul Wakid,Head
  • Mr. Gobardhan Mallah, Boat Pilot.
  • Mr. Kedar Mallah, Boat Driver.
  • Mr. Ishwar Prasanna Saikia, Boat Assistant
  • Md. Nur Islam, Driver

Geospatial Technology and Application Division (GTAD)

  • Mr. Arup Kumar Das, Manager.
  • Ms. Madhumita Borthakur, Spatial Database Officer.
  • Ms. Kongseng Konwar, Database Officer
  • Mr. Bankim Baruah, Project Coordinator


Herpetofauna Research and Conservation Division (HRCD)

  • Mr. Jayanta Kumar Roy, Wildlife Biologist or Senior Research Scholar
  • Mr. Thejavitso Chase, Research Assistant

LEGAL and Advocacy Division (LAD)

  • Mr. Ajoy Kr. Das, Associate Lawyer.

Media Production & Communication Division

  • Ms. Munmita Boruah, Public Relations and Communication Officer, MPCD
  • Mr. Sarkiripo Rongpi Documentation Officer, MPCD

Primate Research and Conservation Division (PRCD)

  • Dr. Dilip Chetry, Division Head, PRCD


Rhino Research and Conservation Division (RRCD)

  • Mr. Manas Kumar Bhattacharjya , Manager
  • Mr. Anil Kumar Das, K-9 Dog squad Handler cum field and office assistant
  • Mr. Goura Baidya, K-9 Dog squad Handler cum field and office assistant
  • Md. Arif Hussain, Senior Project Officer (Conservation).
  • Mr. Nirmal Kalita, K-9 Dog squad Handler cum field and office assistant
  • Mr. Sanatan Mali, Dog handler cum Field Assistant
  • Mr. Rahul Das, Assistant Dog  handler, K9 Dog Squad cum office Assistant
  • Mr. Minkul Sarma, Assistant Dog Handler, K9 dog Squad
  • Mr. Montu Boro, Animal Keeper

Threatened Species Recovery Programme (TSRP)


  • Dr. Parag Jyoti Deka, Programme Manager
  • Jonmani Kalita, Junior Field Biologist
  • Bhaben Hazarika, Site Coordinator
  • Ajay Kumar Das, Site Coordinator
  • Md. Chanmia, Senior Animal Caretaker
  • Monora Begum, Animal Caretaker
  • Dinesh Kalita, Junior Animal Caretaker
  • Tulshi Nath, Animal Caretaker
  • Dibyeswar Barman, Junior Animal Caretaker
  • Dwipendra Dev, Senior Field Assistant
  • Raju Mili, Field Assistant
  • Kishur Payeng, Field Assistant
  • Rajib Boro, Junior Field Assistant
  • Sewali Rabha, Site Assistant
  • Mamata Mondal, Site Assistant


Tiger Research and Conservation Division (TRCD)

  • Md. Firoz Ahmed, Head, TRCD
  • Mr. Dipankar Lahkar, Manager Research, TRCD & Senior Project Officer- Research and Monitoring, MTCP
  • Mr. Navaneethan Balasubramaniam, Research Associate, MTCP
  • Ms. Kalloli Dutta, Senior Project Officer, TRCD
  • Mr. Sarlongjon Teron, Project Officer, TRCD
  • Dr. Sudip Kanta Basistha, Deputy Project Manager, MTCP
  • Dr. Putul Bhuyan, Coordinator Livelihoods, MTCP
  • Mr. Debashis Buragohain, Project Coordinator, Conservation & Protection, MTCP
  • Ms. Binita Baruwati, Project Officer, Protection
  • Mr. Prosenjit Sheel, Project Officer, Protection, MTCP
  • Mr. Pronit  Basumatary, Assistant Project Officer – Protection, MTCP
  • Mr. Bhaskor Barukial, Senior Research Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Bijoy Basumatary, Assist Project Officer-Livelihood, MTCP
  • Mr. Detsung Basumatary, Project Officer – Conservation Education, MTCP
  • Mr. Kamal Kumar Machary, Project Officer,MTCP
  • Ms. Nisha Bora, Senior project Officer, Communication, MTCP
  • Dr. Hridul lal Das, Field Veterinarian, MTCP
  • Mr. Phwjwngsar Narzary, Law Enforcement, MTCP
  • Mr. Silash Basumatary, Project Coordinator, MTCP
  • Mr. Manjit Basumatary, Project Officer, MTCP
  • Mr. Tapash Mahanta, Accounts Assistant, MTCP
  • Dr. Sushil Ekka, Field Veterinarian, MTCP
  • Mr. Amit Dewry,Assistant Project Officer- Logistics, MTCP
  • Mr. Jiban Kr Chetry, Assistant project officer- Livelihood, MTCP
  • Mr. Kuldeep Das, Sr. Project Officer, Conservation Education, MTCP
  • Mr. Rinku Das, Data Operator (Trainee), MTCP
  • Mr. Ranen Basumatary, Project Officer, MTCP
  • Mr. Longso Yimchunger, Documentation officer,MTCP
  • Mr. Mukesh Kherkatary, Trainee Project officer- Protection, MTCP
  • Mr. Dipen Deka, Field Assistant,MTCP
  • Mr. Gobinda Narzary, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Faruque Abdullah, Project officer- Operations, MTCP
  • Mr. Kunja Brahma, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Nabin Basumatary, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Ms. Priya Brahma, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Ms. Shewali Swargiary, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Songsar Basumatary, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Udang Basumatary, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Raju Boro, Nursery Caretaker, MTCP
  • Md. Majammil Hoque, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Birdutta Baro, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Mr. Ratul Das, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Ms. Alary Brahma, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Ms. Mayurim Das, Senior Project Officer- Communication, MTCP
  • Mr. Rathindra Nath Das, Consultant- Law Enforcement and Informant Coordinator, MTCP
  • Mr. Pankaj Das, Filed Assistant, Livelihood, MTCP
  • Mr. Swmdwm Basumatary, Field Assistant – Conservation Education, MTCP.
  • Mr. Amin Basumatary, Project Officer - Conservation Education, MTCP.
  • Mr. Khanen Boro, Assistant Project Officer (Cluster Coordinator), MTCP
  • Mr. Kautuk Talukdar, Consultant, MTCP
  • Mr. Haidor Ali Sarkar, Consultant, MTCP
  • Ms. Monalisha Basumatary, Consultant, MTCP
  • Mr. Pranjal Kumar Dutta, Manager Livelihood, MTCP
  • Ms. Beauti Rani Basumatary, Field Assistant, MTCP
  • Ms. Karpagam Chelliah, Consultant, MTCP
  • Mr. Bhajan Das, Driver cum Field Assistant,MTCP
  • Mr. Hiranyjit Moran, Field Assistant (Research),TRCD
  • Mr. Koushik Medhi, Project Officer – Admin and Management, MTCP
  • Mr. Abinash Parida, Consultant Biologist, MTCP
  • Mr. Chandan Das, Marketing Coordinator and Community Mobilizer, TRCD
  • Mr. Pranjon Daimari, Project Officer- Protection, MTCP
  • Mr. Yadav Chandra Mandal, Consultant, MTCP


Water Climate and Hazards Division (WATCH)

  • Dr. Partha Jyoti Das, Head, Water climate and Hazard Division.
  • Mr. Nayan Das, Project Coordinator
  • Ms. Juri Baruah, Research Associate
  • Mr. Dipmoni Nath, Driver cum Technical Field Assistant.


Wildlife Genetics Division (WGD)

  • Mr. Udayan Borthakur, Head, Wildlife Genetic Division.
  • Mr. Pranjal Kumar Das,  Manager, WGD
  • Mr. Ankur Neog, Researcher.
  • Ms. Rumana Maheen, Researcher
  • Mr. Bidyot Bikash Saikia, Project assistant
  • Mr. Tridip Saikia, Field Assistant cum Driver